The South Molton Equine Life-Cycle Methodology:

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Riding and owning a pleasure horse requires attention to detail and knowing there are many pieces to the puzzle of success.

Our four stage approach Includes:

  1. Horses selected for breeding have suitable temperaments and conformation.

  2. Screening our young horses to ensure they have the temperament and conformation they need to be a pleasure horse.

  3. Teaching the skills needed to make them a pleasure to care for and allow them to deliver a safe fun ride.

  4. To prevent the development of undesirable behavior during the transition to a new owner we offer training, coaching and post sales support.

We may not think of ourselves as horses trainers but if we own a horse we are always teaching them something even if we don’t realize it. If your dream is to have a horse of your own, we can help make your experience fun and safe by putting the pieces of our puzzle to work for you.

transference and consistency:

Our horses must not only perform well for us, but it is critical that they perform well for you. This is why we focus on the transference and consistency of our horses during the skill development.

intelligence matters:

The mind moves the matter.

We focus are great deal of time and energy in all phases of our training program on developing the horse's mind. For we believe that no matter what the rider's goals are in owning a horse, the rider's experience is always enhanced when the horse is intelligent and trusting.