Learn About The Stables at South Molton Horses

Our Premium Pleasure Horses:

The Stables at South Molton is a horse breeding and training facility dedicated to developing premium quality American Quarter Horses for recreational use. We specialize in the specific needs of riders who enjoy trail riding or participating with friends in horse related activities on a recreational or competitive basis.

Our Horse Breeding Program:

Our unique breeding program started 13 years ago with a program designed to focus on the importance of temperament as one of the most critical traits when breeding a horse for recreational use. Horses selected for breeding are also screened for conformational requirements to ensure they are physically suitable and visually appealing.

When breeding for temperament, we have found it particularly important to select suitable mares as they influence their foals both genetically and via maternal behavior. With careful breeding and screening, we are able to ensure that the horses that enter our training program are athletic and attractive with the behavioral tendencies to be trusting to humans, confident, patient, willing to perform and less apprehensive.

Our Horse Training and Development Program:

Our horses learn skills progressivelyOur training and development program incorporates the best practices of natural horsemanship and twenty years of constant learning. It is gentle, natural, and focuses on the individual learning needs of each horse. Our structured development focuses on tangible equine skills critical to the recreational rider. We document our results with four tiers of certified equine skill levels from pre-rider to saddle level 3.

Prior to entering our saddle training program our young horses are kept in a herd with a select group of mature horses carefully selected as role models to teach important lesson that bring out desirable temperamental and behavioral traits. This gives our young horses the foundation they need to be confidant, safe and socially well adjusted.

Our unique transference of ownership program ensures our horses perform as well for you as they do for us.

Our Horses Registration, Size and Color:

Our horses are primarily registered American Quarter Horses with the exception of a few registered American Paint Horses. Our horses range in size from 14.2 to 16.1 HH. We have a large selection of color with a high percentage of blue and bay roans as well as duns, blacks and sorrels.

Mission of The Stables at South Molton:

  1. To be the most reputable provider of recreational horses
  2. To provide horses designed and trained for recreational and pleasure riders
  3. To provide transparency of horse skill levels and attributes to empower our customers to find the best possible match