Horse Training Available from The Stables at South Molton:

We offer horsemanship coaching and training for South Molton sold horses and for customers of our boarding services. We also offer coaching and training for both horses and people on a case by case basis.

We believe that to get the best results possible the owner of the horse needs to be an active participant in the horses training.

If you are interested in our horse training or horsemanship coaching program contact us to discuss your goals, objectives, and level of planned participation. Working with you we can develop a training plan that meets the needs of both you and your horse.

The cost will vary depending on your needs so once we have discussed a training plan we will provide a written estimate of the cost

  • Once training begins, we will keep a written training log that outlines what training was given and the results for each session.

If you have a horse question or need help with something horse related, even something as simple as a second opinion we provide consultation on an hourly bases.

  • Rate $50.00 per/hour