The Stables at South Molton Equine Seller's Guiding Principles and Code of Ethics

While it may not be the norm within the horse industry, we at The Stables at South Molton believe strongly that in order for the industry to grow and flourish a new approach is needed in ethical practices when selling horses.

Below you will find a summary of our guiding principles and code The Stables at South Molton Equine Seller's Guiding Principles and Code of Ethicsof ethics that stands behind every horse we sell.

  1. Honesty/Integrity

    We will conduct business in unambiguous terms with complete honesty while maintaining the highest standard of professional integrity.

  2. Full Disclosure

    We will fully disclose any and all information known to us about our horses to prospective buyers.

  3. Professionalism

    We will maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.

  4. Goal of Safe Horse

    While equine activities are inherently dangerous, we will sell only horses that are intended for recreational riding that have no past history of dangerous behavior or whose actions have caused injury to their rider.

  5. Removing Unsafe Horses from the Riding Market

    We will make reasonable efforts to ensure horses in our possession who we deem to pose a potentially danger to a rider are sold humanly outside of the recreational riding markets. Our principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Full Disclosure will apply to these sales as well.

  6. Matching Horse to Rider Ability

    We will make all reasonable efforts to provide potential buyers with all pertinent information to help them make the decision as to whether a horse is suitable for their abilities as a rider.

  7. Council and Assist

    We will, to the best of our abilities, provide consultation and assistance to perspective customers when making their purchase decision. We will not hesitate to advise perspective customers against the purchase of one of our horses if we believe the rider does not have suitable skills for our horses.

  8. Treat all customers with respect

    We will treat all perspective customers with dignity and respect.

  9. Conformity to the Laws

    We will conform to the laws of the country in which we operate and abide by our contractual obligations.

  10. Denounce all forms of improper business practice

    We denounce the practice of misinforming, misleading, and withholding of information that a customer would find relevant to making a purchase decision.

  11. Discrimination and Harassment

    We shall not knowingly participate in acts of discrimination or harassment towards any persons we have a business relationship with.

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