Environmental Policy of The Stables at South Molton:

The Stables at South Molton is committed to protecting the environment. Since 2007 we have reduced electric power consumption by 25% and natural gas consumption by 40%.

All new ranch development will rely on solar or wind power for at least part of their power requirements and use grid power primarily for safety contingency purposes such as anti-freezing heating elements for livestock water supply. All new ranch electrical appliances will be Energystar (or equivalent) labeled and fixtures will use energy efficient elements.

Heating will be primary low emission wood heating systems with high efficiency natural gas backup systems. All wood will be use from already dead trees only and no green tree cutting will performed.

Our barn heat temperature will be maintained at 5C during winter months for water supply safety only and heat will be deactivated when outside temperature is above freezing.

We are committed to natural winter riding and training where large heated arenas are not necessary.

All manure will be composted and used as natural fertilizer.

All lawn grass cuttings will be use as supplemental feed for livestock.

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