About the Stables at South Molton:

The Stables at South Molton is a new concept equine model. One where customer and seller work tightly together for success, sharing risks and rewards equally.

Horses for the rest of us™

Inspired by you – the horse lover. Your horse ownership experience should always be one that you will love; one that you can succeed in; one filled with fun; one where someone is looking after your heart.Christina Wright and Bill Weber

Our goal is simply: to be the most reputable breeder of pleasure horses.

Our focus is:

  • Results based training
  • Accountability for our results
  • Ensuring a smooth transition of our horses to their new owners
  • Provide ongoing products and services designed to help owners maximize their enjoyment of owning a horse

Our horses are:

  • Product of a breeding program that stresses traits that make desirable riding horses
  • Good physical conformation
  • Sound of mind
  • Have a temperament that integrates well with people
  • Willing to serve and please people
  • Trained to a rigid standard and provide the buyer a full disclosure of the horse’s skill set

Our target customers: are savvy, intelligent customers

More about us:

We are not your typical horse people. We recognized that a successful horse business required a different approach. We have spent many years in other professions while pursuing our ultimate goal of being full-time horse breeders.

After several years being full time in the equine industry, we embarked on a different plan with the goals of:

  • Developing a long-term, sustainable operating position
  • Focus on research and development
  • Refine our breeding program to emphasize the traits that integrate with and serve people well
  • Concentrate our energies on refining techniques to develop the equine temperament and their mind set towards people
  • Retain the best horses for our program and have a 5 year inventory of great horses in our talent pipeline
  • Never stop learning about what makes a better horse for people